Accelerate Slate: An enrollmentFUEL Podcast

Listen in and dive deep into the world of Slate, the powerful and versatile customer relationship management (CRM) system used in higher education.

Episode 4—Essentials of Cycle Prep & Applications

On this episode of Accelerate Slate, hosts Susanna and Katie discuss cycle preparation and applications for Slate captains. They provide ideas for sustainable processes, recommend using categories instead of overriding prompts, and suggest simplifying rounds and periods. The episode covers topics like moving bins, consistent round keys, and expiring term prompts. Don't miss this helpful episode on cycle prep and applications for Slate captains.

Episode 3—Get the Most Out of Summit!

Slate Summit is almost here! As veterans of this energizing annual event, Susanna and Katie...

Episode 2—Higher Education's Game-Changing Tool

Susanna and Katie discuss the advantages of using Slate for enrollment management. They...

Episode 1—Beginners to Experts

Susanna Mayo and Katie Jordan discuss their diverse experiences in implementing and working...