The FUEL team mourns the passing of our dear Alison Walls.

We would like to share below a compilation of Alison's life and legacy that she has left with all those who knew her, words from her friends and colleagues, and testimonies of her everlasting faith.


Upon the discovery of a benign brain tumor, Alison underwent surgery to remove the mass. She tragically passed away post-operation. This video is what she shared with her work family prior to her procedure, and one of enrollmentFUEL's last moments with Alison.

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Alison Walls bravely faced a serious surgery with optimism and faith that no matter the outcome, she would find relief on the other side. While we all wished we'd had more time with her, we celebrate that her suffering is over.

Due to Alison's unyielding generosity, her organs saved the lives of sick individuals who may have been awaiting their donor for months or even years. Six families received the call they'd hoped for, and Alison became a hero in death, as in life.

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Following the loss of our dear Alison, enrollmentFUEL held a virtual memorial service with guest speaker Pastor Laurel Bunker. The enrollmentFUEL family gathered to share fond memories of their friend and colleague and a collective goodbye.

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Rest in peace, Alison. Watch over us. And please continue answering my calls and prayers.
Will Lee
Rest in peace, my dear friend Alison. I miss her so much already. I am praying for peace and strength for her family. There just aren't words to describe how I'm sure we're all feeling at this time.
Yanery Rodriguez
Thinking about Alison and her ability to lead a prayer. Just one of the many good things about her. She genuinely cared about others and making the world better.
Linda Bishop
Bask in His glory, Alison! You have earned it! Well done! I know Heaven is shining a little brighter with your arrival. You will be greatly missed! Love you dearly, my friend!
Kelly Zachrich
Rest in peace, Alison. You were always smiling and laughing. I loved that about talking with you. You will be missed by so many!
Kaitlyn Reed
Alison, my colleague and friend. To know you is to love you. A pastor once said, "You may look like your mother and father when you're alive. Yet, when you die, you will look like your decisions." This quote comforted me when my grandmother passed, and it carries me now as the angels usher you to heaven. Alison, my dear friend...You DECIDED to always make it a great day and not just have one. You DECIDED to live boldly for God - unapologetically. You DECIDED to laugh and love in the midst of chaos because you recognized control was of the enemy's mindset. You DECIDED to be kind, caring, compassionate, and loyal. You made great decisions, friend. Clearly, God liked what He saw because He granted you the most amazing gift of all. And, isn't that what we're striving for in the end? Isn't that what it's all about? You even said it yourself. He gets the glory. You walked in with expectation. With praise. With an open spirit. So, even though I am hurting on this side, it's not about me. It's about how you showed up for Him. When we show up for God, He not only shows up, He shows OUT just to show others He was always there. It's about His glory. It's an honor to have known you. Your work is finished. I know He welcomed you with open arms saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."
Jazmane Brown
I have a story about Alison that I think may be fitting here. While I was visiting her in Oklahoma a few weeks ago, we were sitting at a diner having breakfast before getting started on our work for the day and a notification went off on her phone. It was something along the lines of her friend’s mom had passed away that year, and the notification was to remind her that day was her birthday. She took a few moments to check in on her friend, knowing it would be a hard day. It took all of two minutes out of her day, but I know it was such a significant gesture of kindness for him. She had a whole calendar full of dates like this in her phone. That’s just the kind of person she was and one of the reasons this is so hard. In a different circumstance, she would have met us right here in the middle of this grief and given us words of comfort and encouragement, and then she would have set a reminder on her phone for June 9, 2023, wanting to make sure she didn’t miss a chance to show us kindness and friendship on the anniversary of the day we lost someone who was so special to us.
Camlin Talbot
Won't get too lengthy here, but wanted to type a few bullets to scratch the surface for Pastor Bunker: 1) Alison loved her dog, Tucker. We used to send photos of our dogs doing crazy things back and forth to each other. The last photo I sent her of Griswold (my dog) was of him sitting on my husband, Sean's head, and she said Griswold had "the best seat in the house". 2) I shared her tattoo meaning during our time together yesterday, but wanted to share here again - it was on her wrist and said "inALLthings" to be a reminder that even in the worst times, God's got it. Even going into her surgery, she lived out this mentality. She had such peace and knew God was going to bring good out of it. 3) Early on in our friendship, there were a few days I was going through some things, and Alison reached out in the middle of her busy day and asked if we could get on a video call so she could pray for me. It just felt so special knowing that she cared enough about my personal life to stop everything and spend those moments with me.
Tori Simon
As Alison prepared for a tremendously scary procedure after having to digest so much life-altering news, she never ceased to live out our core values of love and generosity and thoughtfulness. Preparing to leave the country while also preparing for her medical leave had me a bit anxious. She knew this and didn't want me carrying that with me on my journey. Her last message to me was, “I hope you have the best, most rejuvenating trip to Ireland!” Such generosity, love, and thoughtfulness in the midst of her own troubles is Alison through and through. Her absence will be keenly felt by many. As one of the first to join the enrollmentFUEL team, her fingerprints can be seen on every aspect of our organization. Alison gave everything she did +110%, putting her whole heart into it. She welcomed me (and many others) into the team with open arms and always had an unmatched willingness to help her fellow team members. She embraced, exuded, and personified our core values—all of them. Her grace, generosity, and love serve as examples to live by. Rest in peace, sweet friend.
Laralee Harkleroad
In late 2020 the idea of a podcast came up and I took the host role. I was nervous not having done one before - a lot of the apprehension was due to the technical work of it. Alison jumped in without hesitation and said " let's learn to do this together!" She taught herself all the production techniques and became a professional at it in a matter of weeks. We learned together. She spent long hours in the evening producing our shows. It was indicative of how she tackled life - passionate, headfirst and fearless.
Jay Fedje

Video courtesy of Linda Bishop and Brandy Jensen, long-time friends and colleagues of enrollmentFUEL and Alison.

Thank you for eternally FUELing our hearts, Alison.