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Ring Ring! Automate Standardized Communications to Save Time & Money!

As we near the end of 2022, many colleges and universities face continuing staffing shortages and are finding themselves neck-deep in the struggle to maintain necessary but time-consuming standardized recruitment communications. When you’re in dire need of a few extra sets of hands, not all processes and operations can afford to come to a screeching halt. This is why automation has arguably become more necessary now than ever.

The first question that may come to mind is, “What areas can be automated?” For higher education institutions that understand the finite nature of their team’s available time, the first solution to consider is telecounseling. 

Let’s talk about some of the ways implementing a telecounseling service could take a huge weight off your staff’s shoulders and leave them more time to make valuable connections.

No Time? No Problem.

Automated processes can free up much-needed bandwidth for your staff to not only connect meaningfully with prospective students but also to think strategically about how best to recruit those students who are most likely to enroll and succeed at your institution. 

Every hour counts when you’re responsible for encouraging prospects to apply and shepherding applicants through the admissions process so they deposit and enroll. When an institution is tight on help, they may feel they have to choose which area of their operations is neglected. 

Telecounseling is not just a solution for lightening the load, but also for aiding in reducing the margin of error for missed opportunities and improving timeliness of responses.

When your staff is working hard and has a lot on their plates, mistakes will occur in their communications from time to time. Automating your telecounseling services means your dedicated call center team is wholly devoted to making sure the right calls and texts go to the right people at the right time. 

This leaves room for the one thing that automation can’t replace: fostering personal relationships with prospective students! Telecounseling helps keep the busywork to a minimum and gives your staff more face time!

Enough to Go Around

You may find strain on staff in various departments of your school, but telecounseling services are often versatile enough to provide relief to more than just your admissions and enrollment management teams. Improving operations is always an excellent goal, so why not start with a win-win?

Telecounseling is a great tool to expedite those necessary transactional processes, such as financial aid for pre-awarding scholarships, sharing standard information, answering frequently asked questions, and even connecting with students regarding missing information you still need from them. 

The more tasks you and your team can identify as “repeating yourself,” the more those time-consuming tasks can be pared down. Using automation leaves the rest to professionals, equipped with your approved scripted messaging, who dedicate their time and experience to you and your institution’s goals.

Bolster Your Advertising and Marketing

While it’s still best to save the customized and personal communications for conversations in person or over the phone, telecounseling is a terrific solution for general updates and simple broadcasting.

Automated calling and texting are perfect for spreading the word about a new program, event, or offering; sending reminders to campus residents without the message getting buried in their inbox; and notifying internal and external audiences about important content that deserves just a little extra personalization and attention. Telecounseling is ideal for various forms of calls-to-action, like a text message with a link to a quick survey, event registration, and deadline reminders.

If your institution is finding itself in the throes of the Great Resignation staffing struggle, remember: not every process has to face the deliberation of which engines get to keep running full throttle. Telecounseling is an excellent way to give more time back to your valued staff so they can do what they do best: make meaningful connections!

Reach out to us if you’re ready to put automation to work for you. FUEL’s very own teleCONNECT solution may be just the right approach for you! Our enrollment experts develop scripts, provide training, and monitor quality so your team will have more time and energy to keep recruiting!