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Episode 46—Using TikTok to Recruit Your Next Class

On this Episode of the Enrollment Edge, I talk to Zana Berisha, Digital Marketing Specialist at enrollmentFUEL. Zana is a self-proclaimed Social Media Guru, meaning she’s a consistent content user and coach for all things social media and her specialty is TikTok! College marketers need to communicate with their prospects through multiple channels including these envelope-pushing platforms. If you want to successfully reach your prospective students, you need to be where their attention is—and it’s on TikTok.

About Our Guest

Zana is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She enjoys using her skills to improve our client-partners’ digital marketing experience. She specializes in TikTok and has a passion to learn all things social media. That specialization has led to helping clients amount to 2.3 million followers! During her time in college, Zana gained a lot of experience and had great success in sales that led to marketing.