David Quick

David Quick is committed to “helping bulls thrive in china shops” by helping leaders transition their lives to becoming more significant. He is also an executive coach, speaker and change agent that can help your admissions department run more effectively. David also helps schools with VP and Dean of Enrollment placement services. After receiving his BS in mathematics from the United States Naval Academy, David served eight years active duty as a Surface Warfare Officer, including a tour as an Instructor at the United States Naval Academy. Mike and David were shipmates as young Naval Officers on their first ship out of college. With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, he has broad experience in both small and large organizations. David also holds a MA in Education from Loyola University Maryland and attended the London Business School Executive Leadership Program. He has volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children and as math/GED tutor, including work in the prison system. Dave lives in Bloomington, IN with his wife and family.

Episode 11—Hiring and Keeping the Right People


Across industries, hiring great people is the goal of managers. Yet, finding the right people to hire isn't easy. Hiring often comes down to who we "like" instead of who best fits the role. We talk with David Quick, Founder and Consultant of Helping Bulls Thrive, an agency that helps organizations make the right hiring decisions and keep those "right fit people" on the team roster.