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Episode 37—Recruitment Brainstorming for Higher Education - A Tribute to Alison Walls


On this episode of the Enrollment Edge I talk to a very special guest - Alison Walls. In June of this year Alison passed away. She was one of the founding members of enrollmentFUEL and the first producer of the Enrollment EDGE Podcast. The one thing all of those of us who knew Alison have in common - we deeply miss her.

In tribute to her role on the Enrollment EDGE, we want to broadcast Alison's episode that we initially used as a test session for Alison and Jay. They had to figure out how to produce a podcast after all. Alison had a heart for students - her background and training were in college student life. So when we brainstormed about topics - caring for students during the pandemic became the focus she felt most passionate about.

About Our Guest

Alison began her career in youth ministry and found that her skills at junior high ministry could be translated to residence life at the college level. Alison earned her Master’s in Student Development Counseling and Administration and took on the role of Director of Student Life at a small private school in Oklahoma City. Throughout her time in Student Life, Alison began to discover the unique relationship between retention and recruitment and worked closely with Admissions to create a smooth entry for incoming students. In doing so, Alison has become passionate about the impact that student processes, communication, and relationships have to the overall student experience.

We hope you hear the heart of a dear soul in this special episode.