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Episode 40 - Building a Campus-Wide Recruitment Mindset


On this Episode of the Enrollment Edge Jay talks to Jeremy Tiers, Senior Director of Admissions Services at Tudor Collegiate Strategies. Campus-wide recruitment is often a big challenge for enrollment managers and we’re going to talk through some strategies to help faculty recruit like coaches and coaches to recruit fans! Jeremy brings a unique perspective to his consulting having been on several college campuses (including one of my favorites – Bemidji State University). We think you’ll gather some great idea to keep your campus engaged in your recruitment efforts.

About Our Guest

Jeremy Tiers has become a familiar name and speaker in college admission, enrollment management, and marketing circles. He is the Senior Director of Admissions Services for Tudor Collegiate Strategies (TCS) and teaches proven strategies to improve communication, personal and organizational performance, strengthen relationships, create effective leadership, and increase collaboration.

Jeremy’s goal anytime he speaks is to have the audience leave with information, tips, and strategies that can immediately be put into action.

Coach Tiers, as he’s known on Twitter and #EMchat, is also the host of the 'Mission Admissions' podcast, and the editor of a well-known, weekly college admissions and marketing email newsletter.