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Episode 44—SEO and EAT: What College Leaders Must Focus On

Enrollment Edge is digging into yet another digital strategy that Enrollment Leaders must be paying attention to—E.A.T. or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. In this episode, Jay will unpack the E.A.T. concept and why it's so important to SEO development. The concept comes from Google’s search quality rater guidelines, and it became well known after the infamous Medic Update in August 2018. E.A.T. is an important, and often overlooked, evaluation that Google uses to evaluate the overall quality of a web page. While enrollment marketing and enrollment professionals are focusing on the mechanics of SEO, what they should be developing is broader and significantly more important.


About Our Guest

Our Guest today is a lead and web development specialist and consultant, Rory Green. Rory has more than 20 years of design and strategic web development experience. Along the way he has seen the rules of effective web site  development and search engine optimization change dramatically and without notice to the public. We will talk through quality raters, black and white hatters, Google algorithms, and provide listeners with six key takeaways that will make an immediate impact on their web site effectiveness.