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enrollmentFUEL Announces First Boat Day Celebration

Chapel Hill, NC - enrollmentFUEL is pleased to announce the company’s first Boat Day celebration on February 10, 2020. On this day, the company will give all associates a day off, encouraging them to take time to try something new.

February 10 marks the anniversary of when Mike Wesner founded enrollmentFUEL in 2014. That step was the culminating step in a journey that began in earnest when Mike heard a sermon in a country church about Jesus encouraging Peter, his disciple, to have the faith to step out of the boat and walk on water with him.

Mike Wesner said, “When I heard this message, I wanted to start a Student Search company. But there were many unknowns and I felt uncertain. Hearing the sermon gave me the encouragement I needed to step out of my boat and move forward with enrollmentFUEL. As a result, my team and I have created an innovative company that cares deeply about our clients and has the expertise to help institutions grow enrollment. Our Boat Day celebration is about encouraging others to do what we all must do – step outside our boat to try something new as the catalyst for a transformative journey.”

About enrollmentFUEL

enrollmentFUEL is on a mission to create more effective and efficient Student Search communications and strategies. The company has extensive expertise in geo-demographic research, predictive modeling, creative design and messaging, CRM implementations, and all aspects of digital advertising (IP targeting, retargeting, geotargeting, geo-framing, matchBACK™, etc.) With proprietary technology and innovative thinking, enrollmentFUEL provides successful outcomes and actionable insight to the people who recruit people. For more information, please visit enrollmentfuel.com.