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Introducing: REV Training Influencer Marketing Workshop

enrollmentFUEL is pleased to announce they have expanded the REV training program. The new workshop, “Higher Education Influencer Marketing: A Step-By-Step Training Course,” was built specifically for higher education, providing registrants with a comprehensive program covering all the basics of executing an influencer marketing campaign. The 2021 course runs from November 1 to November 30, 2021.

Content and curriculum were developed by enrollmentFUEL’s Director of Social and Influencer Strategies, Tori Canonge. Tori has worked in higher education and at a full-service influencer marketing agency, executing more than 100 influencer campaigns. This practical course includes four hours of asynchronous video content, a course workbook, and a 90-minute live Zoom roundtable/workshop event, where registrants can discuss challenges and ask questions. Participants who successfully complete the course by November 30, 2021, will receive a certificate of completion.

Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott, enrollmentFUEL’s President, said, “Influencer marketing is one way for institutions to reach new audiences and build emotional connections with prospective students and parents. While there is no shortage of information about influencer marketing, little focuses on training the higher education community, or providing practical advice for enrollment leaders who wish to run an influencer campaign. ‘Higher Education Influencer Marketing: A Step-By-Step Training Course’ fills that gap and provides a cost-effective training option.”