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New Coffee to FUEL a Great Cause

Our new coffee has the power to FUEL you, your team, and a great cause.

enrollmentFUEL  has just released its second batch of FUEL for the brain—our innovative enrollment coffee blend 2.0. This roast was again produced in partnership with the Raleigh Coffee Co.

We’re also partnering through RCC to support a great cause, Help One Now, which FUELs their work in Haiti.

On a recent trip to Drouin, Haiti, RCC witnessed how children would often walk miles in the searing Haitian sun to get to school — usually, without necessary clean water or even a daily meal. After witnessing one little girl collapse from exhaustion and hunger, they asked how much it would take to feed a meal to an impoverished student?

2006 Quarter Proof Twenty-five cents


Every bag of the Sulawesi blend that is now roasted creates a meal for these children. FUEL's  latest roast of this coffee is sending 500 meals to children in this area.

FUEL your brain with this zany blend, created especially for our community of daring individuals who understand that success often depends on those fine-tuned efforts to convert high quality leads into measurable results.

This blend is designed to help you be bold, creative, and audacious even when it’s uncomfortable. This coffee can provide that extra nudge to help you engage better, hit your targets, and get that final 10% of the most challenging projects completed.