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Episode 5—Creating Sustainable Communication Flows

Susanna and Katie share valuable tips to simplify and enhance your communication flows during cycle prep. From building recipient lists more efficiently using import queries to utilizing translation codes for dynamic deadlines, Susanna and Katie share their expert insights to make your life easier and optimize your messaging. Tune in for a fun and informative discussion that will help you master the art of delivering effective messages in the world of enrollment.

Hot Topics!

[00:01:32] - Efficiently Reach Your Audience with Slate's Recipient List

[00:04:38] - Maximizing Message Efficiency with Translation Codes

[00:11:12] - Revolutionize Your Messaging with Content Blocks

[00:15:36] - Best Practices for Email Marketing Templates

[00:18:38] - Revamp Your Marketing Templates with Easy Options

[00:25:16] - Tips for Better Email Marketing Engagement

[00:27:46] - Don't make this mistake when messaging parents!

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