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Episode 2—Higher Education's Game-Changing Tool

Susanna and Katie discuss the advantages of using Slate for enrollment management. They highlight the benefits of having a paperless system, including the ease of using the Slate reader and the ability to move reader forms to the registrar's file as needed. They also share their experiences with using widgets and reports on the dashboard, allowing for customization and a more personalized experience for admission counselors. They really emphasize the importance of a streamlined process and the use of technology in achieving this goal. Tune in for their insightful stories, valuable lessons, and encouragement for those working in the Slate ecosystem.

Hot Topics!

(00:28) - Benefits of Slate & how 

(02:06) - Using Slate for communication

(09:12) - Streamlining processes with Slate

(15:02) - Improving data management with Slate

(19:58) - Simplifying event management with Slate

(26:47) - Advantages of Slate reader for evaluation

(35:04) - Using widgets and reports on the dashboard

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