Dive into your Slate adventure and attend the in-person Slate training sessions led by the hosts of enrollmentFUEL's Accelerate Slate podcast, Susanna Lehman and Katie Jordan!

Slate Training in Ohio and North Carolina

A long-time Technolutions Preferred Partner, enrollmentFUEL is offering training sessions on the road to boost your knowledge of one of higher education's most powerful CRMs. One event is currently scheduled with more to come! Join us in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 8 and 9.


The first day of each of these events will be dedicated to individual, 45-minute sessions where you can get one-on-one time with Susanna or Katie to address your specific Slate-related needs. The second day of each event will be full-day, group training sessions crafted to show you how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your institution’s instance of Slate with enhanced communications, targeted outreach, and personalized experience.

Your second day kicks off with some breakfast refreshments and a welcome before delving into communications and reports. After a complimentary lunch, you’ll continue with the various functionalities Slate features for campus visits and student portals. 

Whether you attend the first day, the second day, or both days, these events promise to provide relevant examples with actionable steps to take what you learn and use it to improve your instance of Slate, enhance your knowledge of Slate, and ultimately augment the processes that define your institution’s success and efficacy. Register today and don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your Slate expertise alongside industry-leading experts and level up your admissions game!