Dr. Laralee Harkleroad

Laralee Harkleroad is an educational administrator and evidence-based practitioner with a broad array of expertise in educational settings. With nearly two decades of experience, she is passionate about transforming lives and communities through education and technology. Her career spans enrollment management, strategic planning, marketing, advancement, and programmatic design. Dr. Harkleroad partners with organizations seeking to grow and transform their culture, with an emphasis on recruitment and retention strategies, organizational change management, and branding. In 2019, Laralee was nominated to be a member of theTennessee Independent Colleges & Universities Association (TICUA) Advancing Leaders Summit. She was also named to the 2020 class of 40 Under Forty by Tri-Cities Business Journal. Dr. Harkleroad enjoys working with tomorrow’s leaders in the classroom, guest lecturing for Johns Hopkins University, and serving various universities as an adjunct professor. Her research focuses on the relationship between retention and student satisfaction within educational settings. She holds a Doctor of Education degree in leadership and learning in organizations from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College.

Post-Pandemic Higher Ed: Seizing Online Opportunities and Confronting Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically reshaped the landscape of higher education. With the rapid transition to online learning, both students and institutions faced a steep learning curve. However, this disruption also highlighted the immense potential of online education. As the world gradually emerges from the pandemic, higher education institutions are presented with opportunities and challenges in launching successful online academic programs. In this article, we will explore these opportunities and challenges, offering insights into how institutions can navigate this new normal.

The time to build the habit of marketing testing is now

While the idea of being able to master any skill after 10,000 hours of practice has been debunked,...