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Largest First-Year Class with Target Market Analysis & matchBACK™

A university undergoing a significant branding change partnered with enrollmentFUEL® for junior and senior Student Search support, resulting in the largest enrolled first-year class in the university’s history. 

This case study focuses on a private liberal arts institution with a satellite campus, both in Georgia. The university averages an enrollment of 1,200 undergraduate and 700 graduate students. 

As the university launched its strategic enrollment planning efforts, it was also transitioning from a college to a university, a process completed in 2021. The university’s Vice President of Enrollment Management saw an opportunity to enhance the school’s ability to attract the right prospective students. 

The university employed enrollmentFUEL’s Target Market Analysis and matchBACK™ solutions. matchBACK technology matches stealth visitors to an existing list, enabling more effective tracking. With Target Market Analysis demographic research, enrollmentFUEL supported an improved name-buy process. Using data generated throughout the process, enrollmentFUEL and the university team refined the university messaging. 

Their efforts paid off. In fall 2022, the university enrolled its largest first-year class ever, with a 75% completion rate of applications to admits and a 24% overall yield rate. 

Campaign Statistics

  • 26% Conversion rate of inquiries to applicants
  • 75% Completion rate of applications to admits
  • 24% Overall yield rate
  • 8% Deposit melt rate

Campaign Elements

  • Digital advertising, including display and social media ads
  • Encrypted PURL landing page
  • Responsive landing page
  • Segmented email communications
  • Personalized postcards
  • Target Market Analysis demographic research to identify the best audiences
  • Strategic planning meetings throughout the enrollment cycle