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Episode 47—Who's Got Your Back These Days?

On this Episode of the Enrollment EDGE, I talk to Mike Wesner, the Founder, Owner, and Chief Imagination Officer at enrollmentFUEL. Mike calls himself an Inversely Paranoid person. In other words, he’s always seen opportunity in the face of adversity. And if there is one word that describes college enrollment during these days, it’s adversity. Maybe Mike found his positive attitude as a Navy Officer. Or maybe it’s because he’s a born entrepreneur—where a glass half-full mindset is crucial for startup companies to survive.

I ask Mike to think about what he’s seeing on the higher ed horizon and apply his contagious, opportunistic mindset to what he’s seeing. If you need a shot in the arm or one of Mike’s famous “goose honks”, you’ll want to listen in to this special episode of the Enrollment EDGE and ask yourself: Who’s got my back?


About Our Guest

Mike is the company’s founder and the creator of the big ideas that FUEL our company. He brings his entrepreneurial energy to every project and has led growth in fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and more than 100 higher education campuses. He has crafted the solutions strategy for more than 1,000 Student Search campaigns and has reengineered the communications ecosystem on several college campuses.