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Episode 42 - Enrollment Management: Looking Ahead to the New Year


On this Episode of the Enrollment Edge, Jay talks to enrollmentFUEL’s President, Dr. Jacqui Elliott. One of many things Jacqui is known for is her intense travel schedule. Her passport is as thick as a Sears catalog! And along her journeys, Jacqui seems to find herself in continuous and ongoing conversations with Enrollment Leaders on every continent. During these conversations she’s picked up on clear and prominent themes of recruiting challenges, escalating staffing issues, deepening value concerns for a college degree, and student communities under increasing stresses. In this Episode we’ll look ahead at the imminent enrollment environment through the lens of these reoccurring themes. If you’re an enrollment leader, this is a must-listen episode!

About Our Guest

Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott is a subject matter expert in recruitment and retention strategies, all things enrollment management, strategic planning, budgeting, organizational histories, women in leadership, and goal mapping. With over thirty years of experience in higher education, she brings expertise in many areas relevant to the challenges of today’s Chief Enrollment Officer as President of enrollmentFUEL.