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Episode 49—Marketing Your College with "A Lab Mentality"

On this Episode of Enrollment EDGE, I talk to Dr. Dustin York, Associate Professor, Strategic Communication and Leadership at Maryville University in St Louis MO. Dustin is a marketing strategist and marketing Big Thinker! We talk through some of the challenges college marketers face today in the era of extreme competition, the race to capture brand loyalty, and an environment that sees a college degree as a luxury item. And yet, through all of the challenges, colleges still have options and opportunities to actually live up to their core essence of being a public service to communities. So, if you’re a college marketer or are an enrollment leader, this is a game-changing conversation you’ll want to pay attention to. Get out a pen and notebook, here we go!

About Our Guest

Dr. Dustin York is an Associate Professor at Maryville University in St. Louis. Prior to entering academia, Dr. York worked in public relations for the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign, and clients like Pepsi Co., and Nike. Dr. York’s specialties are two sided: interpersonal leadership communication and digital transformation in social media, which he now brings to life in the classroom. Beyond his primary passion for teaching, Dr. York is a subject matter expert for CNN, Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, a contributor for Harvard Business Review, and serves as a national keynote speaker. Dr. York was awarded the St. Louis Business Journal 30 Under 30 Award, President’s Award for Strategic Leadership and Transformation Innovation, American Marketing Association 4 Under 40, and an Apple Distinguished Educator.