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Episode 43—Predicting Student Retention in the Admission Stage

On this Episode of the Enrollment Edge Jay talks to Dr. John Borum, Head of Engagement at Degree Sight. John has spent much of his career in Student Services and has built a specialty in building predictive models to predict student retention at his university. While Predictive Modeling looks at who among prospective student’s is most and least likely to apply and enroll, John’s model goes beyond that and into the student’s college career – predicting year to year retention. And he believes schools can also do this kind of retention modeling at the prospective student’s application stage. As Enrollment Managers search for effective enrollment strategies to support their colleges and universities, this is one strategy that is worth the time to investigate!


About Our Guest

Dr. John Borum serves as Head of Engagement for DegreeSight, an Educational Technology company that offers online solutions for transcript evaluations and degree planning. Dr. Borum has 20 years of Higher Education experience in Enrollment and Student Affairs. He has served in leadership positions in admissions, student life, and retention/student success.

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